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Solutions we offer for different industrial and cosumer use cases

Zymocel — Bioenergy Solutions


Highly efficient muli enzyme blends to enhance your bioethanol production, achieving high glucose conversion yields from lignocellulosic biomass from both soft and hard woody fibers like bamboo.

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Biofertilizers, Biocontrol and Biostimulants

Bioformulations and Biocontrol

Plant growth promoting biofertilizers and pest controlling bioformulations for use in vegetable cultivation, horticulture and tea production.

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Zymopect — Fruit Juice Clarification

Fruits and Beverages

Pectinase formulations for Fruit Juice Clarification and pulp processing providing long term stability and multi operation compatibility. Our enzymes helps you to enhance color and optimize your process and increase juice yield.

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Zymostar — Starch Digestion Enzymes

Starch Processing

Blend of heat and pH stable acidic alpha amylase and alpha glucosidases suitable for a wide variety of applications in starch digestion and processing.

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A Multenzyme Blend for
Biofuel Industries

A mixture of Cellulases, Hemicellulases and alpha glucosidases for efficient convertion of lignocellulosic complex to fermentable glucose.

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Microbial Biostimulant and Crop Growth Enhancer

Unlock the full potential of your agriculture with our biosolutions - the natural, safe and effective way to supercharge your crop performance.

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Join Our Industry Leading
Training and Research

We offer industry leading biotechnological abd bioinformatics solutions, infrastructure on demand, technology licences and training programmes to several consumers for their potential use cases.

Research and Development
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Training Programmes
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Products Developed in a Sustainable and Ecofriendly Manner

Portfolio of our Early Innovations