We created Zymoform which is contains different biosolutions such as biostimulants, biocontrol and biofertilizers to drive your agriculture performance in safe, effective and ecofriendly manner. Our microbe based bioformulations will help improve your crop growth and health by enhancing nutrient uptake, stress tolerance, and enhancing plant metabolism. Zymoform can be applied to your agriculture fields via foliar spraying or soil application, and can be used on a wide range of crops from Tea and mustard to fruits and vegetables.

Our biosolutions are designed to enhance nutrient uptake and utilization. Zymoform will help maximize root development and overall crop health in your agriculture.They are also evidenced to improve the efficiency of fertilizers and reduce nutrient losses through leaching and runoff, ultimately resulting in increased crop yields.

Zymoform® CT1

Biosolution for Plant Growth Promotion

Zymoform® Crop Care

Plant health and disease care solution

Zymoform® Pest Care

Insect Pest Biocontrol Solution

Zymoform® Soil Care

Biosolution for Soil Fertility Restoration.