Plant biomass is the most abundant renewable source for conversion to biofuel and biorefinery products. Our enzyme formulations provides high yield monosaccharide conversion for fermentation by efficient hydrolysis of plant biomass polymers including that of woody plants such as bamboo. I acts effectively with a minimal pre chemical treatment step during saccharification, saving time and money on your production plant.

Our products are designed to maintain a sustainabile profile of your production plant through a smaller carbon footprint, lower chemical and water use. The products we offer are focused on your needs, such that it helps to boost your productivity and profitability.

Zymocel® F1

Enzymatic Blend for Bioethanol Production from Bamboo Biomass

Zymocel® F2

Enzymatic Blend for Bioethanol Production from Soft Plant Biomass

Zymocel® TX1

Cellulases for Txtile Biopolishing

Zymocel® FCare

Cellulases for Fiber Enahancement and Strengthening

Zymocel® EXT1

Cellulases for Plant Based Metabolite Extraction

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Process Woody Plant Biomass

Enzymes for Bioethanol Production from Bamboo

Our cellulase and hemicellulose exzyme blends can efficiently hydrolyse lignocellulosic complexes from bamboo and other woody plants without being inhibited by secondary metabolites. The hydrolysis only requires minimal pretreatment, saving your cost and time in production.