Our dynamic portfolio of biological solutions is derived from naturally-occurring microbes isolated from protected forest ecosystem. Microbial inoculants and enzymes in our bioyield solutions complement traditional fertilizers. They increase the availability of key nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and promotes plant growth by producing key plant metabolites. The result is improved crop yields. Our biocontrol solutions unlock new potential to fight pests and disease supplementing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Integrated Resource Management (IRM) system. They provide powerful protection against insects and disease pests to help keep your crops healthy.

Zymoform® CT1

Biosolution for Plant Growth Promotion

Zymoform® Crop Care

Plant health and disease care solution

Zymoform® Pest Care

Insect Pest Biocontrol Solution

Zymoform® Soil Care

Biosolution for Soil Fertility Restoration.

Bioformulations, Biostimulant and Biocontrol

Sustainable and Ecofriendly Agriculture with Increased Production Yield

Our bioformulations are effective alternatives to pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Many Farmers trust our microbial inoculant based bioformulations, biostimulant and biocontrol solutions to drive their crop performance. Our scientific and sustainable heritage is your guarantee of reliable products. Our ecofriendly products promotes crop growth along with increase of soil fertility.

Solutions for Vegetable Cultivars

Increase Vegetable Productivity

We put innovation at the heart of our business, our enzymatic and microbial products yields superior vegetable growth and quality. Our groundbreaking pipeline will continue to propel agriculture into the future.

Leafy Vegetable Cultivation

Enhanced Growth of Leafy Vegetables

Our bioformulations increases growth of leafy vegetables without any any utilization of harmful chemicals and heavy metal traces. They help you to maximize crop fertility return on investment, maximize soil and phosphorus efficiency, nitrogen fixantion and meet crop nutrition requirements through natural processes.

Shining like a diamond

Pesticide and Chemical Free Tea Cultivation

We have developed an innovative approach for biocontrol in Tea Gardens, ensuring your crop remains healthy and tolerant to insect pest as well as from microbial infections. In addition to that, our products fortify tea gardens increasing soil fertility and crop growth. As part of an integrated farm management approach, our products can help you adapt to the challenges associated with a changing climate, biotic and abiotic stress in tea gardens.