Enzymes improve juice yield, clarity, stability and color. Our enzymes are suitable for juice extraction from different fruits, berries and also vegetables. They also help you optimize your process efficiency and capacity. The enzyme we produce works in both mashing and clarification, it allows you to polish the finish product with different cloudy level. In citrus fruits extraction, our enzymes allows to to retain pulps, enhancing texture of the product.

The enzymes we produce for food based application are made by fermentation of microorganisms. These microorganisms aren’t modified by biotechnology.

Zymopect® CL1

Enzymatic Blend for Clear Juice Production

Zymopect® CL2

Enzymatic Blend for Cloudy Juice Production

Zymopect® CL3

Enzymatic Blend of Pectinase and Hemicellulase

Zymopect® X1

Enzymatic Pectin Digestion Solution for Extraction

High quality Fruit Juice Processing

Better products, better business

Enzymes can increase juice yield, enhance color and optimize your process capacity. Whether you are processing fruit or vegetables, enzymes are essential for high-quality, healthier end products. They also support process economies that will help your business thrive.

Consumers nowadays are becoming more conscious of their health, and of sustainability. As organic products are considered healthier and more sustainable, consumers are increasingly opting for organic food alternatives — and juices are no exception.